Our Story


The first commercial vegetarian dog food is launched in Preston in the UK. The founder, a former worker in the sector, did not like what he had seen and believed there was a more ethical way to feed dogs.

'V-dog' (formally Happidog) gains more and more interest prompting this whole page advert in The Vegan, Winter edition in 1985.



Success continues and adverts take the brave step forward in highlighting the origins of the meat in commercial pet foods.

Happidog is featured in a double page spread about cruelty-free pet food. Printed in 1990 it suggests the origins began 12 years ealier, which is 1978!



Happidog rebrands to V-dog.
First exports of Happidog to the USA.

V-dog sells the US arm of the company to focus on Europe and new markets and rebrands again.



V-dog is welcomed into the Vegeco vegan group of products and given a fresh look.

V-dog achieved a maximum Ethical Organisation score of 100 out of 100. And has done every year since.



V-dog becomes one of first vegan pet foods to be sold by a UK supermarket.

The Story Continues.....

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