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V-Dog® can proudly claim to be ‘the original vegetarian dog food’, pioneering the world's first commercial vegetarian dog food way back in 1980.
Over the following decades our nutritionally balanced plant-based foods have been a trusted choice for generations of dogs. V-Dog® has proven that we do not have to compromise the environment or welfare of animals to care for our dogs.
All V-Dog® products are 100% free from animal ingredients and animal testing, certified cruelty-free by PeTA. With our UK Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society approvals too, V-Dog® makes an ideal choice for ethical consumers seeking a compassionate alternative for their dog.

5 reasons to stock V-dog?

  1.  Since around 2018 the vegan market has seen phenomenal growth in the human sector which will naturally filter through to pet food. 
  2. Amazing long term loyalty due to the lack of authentic producers in this sector. V-dog is vegan owned and used successfully for over 40 years.
  3. In the UK, 1 in 20 of your customers are vegetarian or vegan based on national statistics.
  4. V-dog is made in the UK yet it is not price prohibitive despite being in a niche.
  5. V-dog also appeals ethical shoppers, those seeking a hypoallergenic food and those buying for religious reasons.

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