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Send us your pictures and stories.

V-dog has been delivering healthy dog food to customers across the World for over 35 years and we've met and heard of many generations of dogs who have enjoyed our foods.
We would love to share more of these stories and see more of our four-legged customers.

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For each image and story we publish we'll send you a free V-dog Jumbo Veggie Chew!
We can only post chews inside the UK, but welcome stories from everywhere.

What we need is one or two images at least of the dog and then a little about them in this format:
Their name:
Age of the dog in the photo:
How long they have been on V-dog:
Something about their personality or favourite things to do:
Where you buy it from (we'd like to reward retailers too!):

Don't forget to include your full name and address too.

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