Jumbo Veggie Chew

Jumbo Veggie Chew With Peppermint and Parsley Ideal for medium to large breed dogs, this rice-based dog chew is the first chew from the original V-dog and one of the hardest chews on the market. The centre of the chew is coloured with ground grass, a source of chlorophyll and flavoured with natural peppermint and parsley oil. Gluten-free…
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What is L-Carnitine?

Both V-dog Crunchy Nuggets and V-dog Traditonal Flakes contain a supplement called L-Carnitine, but what does it do? Dogs are able to naturally synthesize Carnitine and that's true of most if not all mammals, however some recent studies have shown the biosynthesis of Carnitine may be insufficient in certain animals. Despite there being no requirement for Carnitine,…
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Customer Photos

Send us your pictures and stories. V-dog has been delivering healthy dog food to customers across the World for over 35 years and we've met and heard of many generations of dogs who have enjoyed our foods. We would love to share more of these stories and see more of our four-legged customers. Get a free V-dog Jumbo…
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