V-dog history

V-dog was the first commercially available vegetarian complete dog food, made in the UK since 1980, with it's origins dating from as early as 1978!

The food was originally sold under the Happidog brand and this later became the V-dog brand we have now.

From an article in Summer edition of The Vegan 1990, Happidog is described as the 'largest distributor of vegetarian and vegan dog foods'.

It goes on to say 'From the humble beginnings of transporting a solitary bag around various dog shows 12 years ago, Happidog is now a thriving business, even exporting some of it's goods.'

The Happidog company was founded in the UK by Denny Haigh, who used to to work in the meat pet food industry and who had plenty of horror stories to tell about metal ear tags and shards of splintered bone getting into 'food'.

The recipe back then was  a mixture of textured vegetable protein, barley, maize, wheat, oils, vitamins and minerals. According to the article, it was a 'recipe that found favour with over 500 veterinarians up and down the UK, all of whom recommended Happidog, particularly as a relief for dogs suffering from indigestion related problems.'

Here are some adverts from our archives:

 The Vegan Winter 1985 Happidog Superfood Published in the 1985 Winter edition of The Vegan.
It features Happidog Supermeal, or Traditional Flakes as it later became known and claims to have over 200 vets using and recommending the food.
It's not just the name that's changed since then, sadly we can't sell 20kg for '£10.38' including delivery anymore ?
Thankfully one thing has never changed, the recipe has always been nutritionally complete and 100% plant based.
Here's another advert, dated Autumn 1989, this advert for Happidog, as it was back then, was published in 'the Vegan' magazine and boasted 50,000 canine customers!  V-dog-The-Vegan-Autumn-1989-page-3
V-dog UK advert from 1990 (formerly Happidog) In 1990 Happidog was featured as part of a double page spread in the summer edition of The Vegan magazine about vegetarian cat and dog food.
In 1992, V-dog exhibited at the Crufts Dog Show at the Birmingham NEC under the Happidog Pet Foods brand. Vegetarian dog food must have been quite a sight back then to all those dog owners and pet food companies.
In 2010, Happidog decided to refresh the brand logo, having had the same logo for the previous 20 years. This was the result.


2006 HappiDog (now V-dog) Advert

Here's an advert from Vegetarian Britain.

Celebrating '10 generations of healthy dogs!'

More great archive pictures to follow soon..