Mr SocksMr Socks will be 16 this October. He’s been a veggie since we had him, when he was just 8 weeks old.

He was extremely ill with Campylobacter when we rescued him, and this obviously left him struggling to keep food down. Having been saved by the brilliant vets, we moved him on to a complete food and soon started using V-dog traditional flakes, which he’s loved ever since.


Mr Socks - Veggie from 8 weeksPeople often think we’re mad when we say our dog is a veggie - until they meet him. 'The best advert you could ever have for vegetarianism’ is how we often describe him. Whilst he’s got a bit of a white beard on the go, he certainly doesn’t look his age. In fact most people - including various vets - guess his age at about 6 or 7. He’s fit, mobile, inquisitive and extremely good company. He’s also got a permanently shiny coat, with none of the greasiness or ‘doggy odour’ you expect with a lab cross. We cannot recommend the food highly enough.

He loves it!

Alister, Brighton, East Sussex