Who We Are

The first vegan-owned pet food company in the UK

V-dog has been making dog food for over 35 years. Under the original brand of Happidog, our Tradtional Flake complete dog food was the World's first commercial vegetarian complete and balanced dog food launched in 1980.

Since 1980 V-dog has established a reputation for quality having successfully served generations of happy and healthy hounds!


Our Customers

The people.

Whatever the perception, our customers come to us from all walks of life and from all parts of the World too.

As caring pet parents, our typical customer is a discerning, label-reader looking to find something to suit perhaps either their lifestyle, their ethics, their beliefs or their dogs medical needs.

The pets.

V-dog has provided tasty and nutritious food for dogs since 1980, but as well as meeting their dietary needs, a vegan diet also offers some dogs relief from reactions to animal-based ingredients.

Even on a vegan food, the dog is no more a vegan than it is a fan of the music it might listen to on your radio, it remains an omnivore. So like every other companion animal, it has no ethical preference and the choice of food is left to the pet parent. For a lot of customers the dilemma of rescuing one animal to feed it another is ethically wrong.

We're happy to provide an ethical, cruelty-free alternative, that keeps both pet parent and pooch happy.

Our Mission

Truly ethical and eco-friendly pet food

Many pet food companies make eco-friendly or ethical claims about their ingredients, but how can the raising and slaughter of millions of animals purely for their meat be considered eco-friendly or ethical when identical non-animal sources of nutrition exist, that avoid the environmental impact of animal farming and the inhumane way animals are farmed and slaughtered.

V-dog believes in providing professionally formulated, healthy, nutritious and appetising alternatives for dogs, reducing the harm to other less fortunate animals.

We believe in leading by example and providing real solutions for the benefit of the environment and animals everywhere.

About Nutrition

Can dogs get all the nutrition they need from V-dog without meat?

Yes, V-dog Nuggets and Traditional Flakes are nutritionally complete foods.

Meat carries a certain amount of nutrition but everything meat provides, like protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals is available and just as digestible from non-animal sources.

If you read ingredients labels you'll see a lot of meat-based pet foods actually use quite a lot of plant-based and synthetic ingredients too and almost all pet foods include a vitamin and mineral premix to be sure the food meets the guidelines required by FEDIAF for Europe or AAFCO for the US. The typical premixed vitamins and minerals don't come from animals, most are synthetic but chemically identical, that includes ingredients like Taurine, often associated with animals but actually almost always synthetic.

V-dog's special blend of tasty plant-based ingredients and essential vitamins and minerals means dogs get all the nutrition they need to live happy and healthy lives.

Our Advantages

01 100% Vegan-Owned

We are not governed by a board of directors, instead we are vegan owned and share our customers principals.

02 Experience

V-dog is recognised as the oldest commercial vegetarian pet food, established in the UK way back in 1980. We are the genuine article and know more than most about the subject.

03 Independent 

We are proud to be an independent UK pet food company with no links to products or sister companies that buy and sell meat.


Did You Know?

Low Taurine levels in some large breeds of dog, like Saint Bernards, are linked to dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) a fatal heart disease.

Results of a study published in the American Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine on American Cocker Spaniels with DCM showed extended life expectancy with the supplementation of Taurine. As of 2015 both V-dog Crunchy Nuggets and V-dog Traditional Flakes contain supplements of Taurine.