Welcome to V-dog
Dogs are omnivores and are able to find all the nutrients they require for an active, healthy life through vegetarian sources. So just like you, your dog is perfectly well adapted to live and thrive on a meat-free diet.
V-dog helps align your dog to your lifestyle choices and provides a balanced and nutritionally complete meat-free diet for dogs. Over ten generations of dogs have thrived on V-dog's vegetarian formula but we're sure you have plenty of questions, so find out more here.
Vegetarian dogs around the world unite! Coming soon, the V-Dog Club will be a great place to discover the benefits of a vegetarian diet for your dog, share your stories and make the most of exclusive offers. Check back here to see when the club is up and running or if you have a story to tell contact us.
A complete vegetarian meal for dogs

The carefully selected ingredients used in V-dog provide a healthy alternative to meat based pet foods. V-dog is a complete, nutritionally balanced food providing all the natural goodness your pet needs in an appetizing and easily digestible form.
- Natural, wholesome and healthy ingredients
- Providing your pet with the right balance of nutrients that combined with regular exercise help maintain a healthy and active life.